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Fully Genuine Ad-Sense Accounts For All Countries 2015 Method

Fully Genuine Ad-Sense Accounts For All Countries 2015 Method 
Fully Genuine Ad-Sense Accounts For All Countries 2015 Method 
Friends Its me Ethlatic Sam a simple guy with tough mind and my Motto is ''Knowledge Is Free'' because i am sharing my knowledge. Friends i am just thinking about the ad-sense problems and today i got a point which will provide you amazing help and i hope it will make you totally satisfy so the topic is How To Make Fully Genuine Adsense Accounts For All Countries by 2015 method which is created By Ethlatic Sam so Guys I need your Attention here so if you focus then i hope it will provide you totally guide to approved fully Genuine Adsense Accounts . 
Guys i also found error about which you apply for adsense then they send you email and in that email they say that your adsense account is already approved with ............ and then they say that go to that adsense account and go to setting then make you manager so today i will also try to clear your that problem about adsense.

What Is Adsense Account :-

Fully Genuine Ad-Sense Accounts For All Countries 2015 Method
Adsense-Account 2015

Friends this is Adsence Account and you can see in this image and friends we can earn a lot through adsense account friends this is international network and i wanna every one enjoy this network so i try my best to provide you a lot of info about Adsense. Friends there are many kinds of adsense accounts :-

Types Of Adsense Accounts :-

Friends There are many kinds of adsense accounts as you:-
  1. YouTube Adsense Account.
  2. Non hosted Adsense Account.
  3. Fully Genuine Adsense Account.
  4. Fully Genuine Adsense Account with email.
Friends these are some of them and the best adsense account is no#4 adsense account which never banned . so now i wanna to tell you about How to Approve It.

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How To Approve Adsense Account ?

Friends First of all you have one domain of any type then write  at least 20 post with good content and don't worry its too easy just one thing which is important do not copy the content anywhere so the other thing is that use amazing template for site or blogger so by using these you can impress Google and one thing also insert amazing sharing icons and also add widgets of amazing types and try to make site more beautiful as you can so know i am going to tell you How To Approve Adsense Account ? in Steps .

Steps :-

  • Go to 
  • Then Click Get Started.
  • Then it will ask you
  • Log-in with Your Gmail account.
  • Then they will ask you about language.
  • Then select language.
  • Then They will Ask Your site put you site there on the blank.
  • Then They will provide you form then fill that form.
  • Then at the end they will ask You number for verification .
  • Then give your Mobile number.
  • Then They will send you code on you mob or telephone.
  • Then submit and your application will submit .
  • Then wait 5 hour.
  • Then open adsense account .
  • Then continue.
  • Then create add and then put ad code on you site.
  • then wait till it show.
  • when it will show then your adsense account will approved totally.
One thing your Gmail account must be united state OK thank you.

Last Words:-

Friends this is the method how to approved fully genuine adsense account if you feel any problem then you can contact me and if you need urgent adsense account you can order me i will give you in 50$ it will be genuine so be happy its my id '''' send me email here thank you :)

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