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Sunday, August 2, 2015

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Donate to student charity to build their bright future

Donate to student charity to build their bright future

 Today I gonna tell you the easiest way to donate a car to any charity special children. You can help them by giving them some financial support. Here is the full donation method. How to buy a car for donation and many more things which are related to them.

Car donation

Car donation is the very simple process. You just need to contact with charity management and tell them about your charity car donation, from there they pick up your vehicle and donate up your provider address and any charity. The problem is that now a days that so many fake charity are works which can cheat you by the name of charity for students and many more things. I wanted to get the pre secure method to give you the charity finding in very easy way.  Because fake charities scam the so many innocent people.

On this post, you will find out how to donate a car or any vehicle. Here are the some general tips.

First Step to take When Donating a Car

Before donating a car to any charity, the general advice is:

Research for charity which you want to donate your vehicle.

See If you will receiving some tax deduction benefits from this or not. (e.g The organization which you want to donate yours some property is fully qualified, Organization are most of them are common types which help to eligible for a tax deduction).

Look up the cost of your car ( you can only deduct the real amount of the charity sells your car for).
You can also ask (as a donor) have any other responsibilities in this process.

In this process in additionally you may also consider these things:

How your car will be used and where it will go. 

Your money which receive after selling your car will be used locally or outside of your community.
Which services within the charity will receive funding from the sale of your car.

What an efficiency rating of the charity is. (A lowering rating means more of your donations goes to administration and their costs, not to the programs and services you want to support.)

For more information on this and tax-related, read the IRS A donor’s guide to vehicle donations.

Finding a Charity

Finding a charity is something depends on you, here we can only give you some general tips about this:

The choice is yours, but before any donations your vehicle, confirm first that which charity is you choice is recognized by the IRS or not. Otherwise, you have in trouble and you donation will be rejected. If you are in a confusion, then check the IRS’s Cumulative List of Organization which have listed qualified charities. Religious organization are not listed because they do qualify. You can also check BBB Wise Giving Alliance.

If you still in thinking the process or undecided any charity, Forbes ranks American more 100 largest charities are listed. Keep in mind that no every charity listed here should accepted car donations.

Tax Write-Offs

The IRS has clamped down on how much you can write the amount of a donated car. No longer can you submit a vehicle full value for you deduction in your tax’s. Now, instead, you can only claim the amount for which it being sold in market value.

Vehicle Department Donation Procedures

This is very similar, Just as if you are selling your car to any private party, as it when you donating a car to any charity, you will need to satisfy some requirements with your state’s vehicle division. Some common process you will need to complete in any situation.

  • Completing the transformation process.
  • Canceling you previous registration.

  • Completing the notice of transfer of liability form.

Some steps which you should take will vary to state to state|. Check with your state’s DMV office for specific requirements or any further details.


In addition to DMV procedure, you will also need to cancel your car insurance policy.

Canceling Your License Plates and Registration

This law vary by state. Some states require some surrendering the vehicle’s license plates to the DMV. Other states requires only a submitting a sold notice, and there are a few states that require no formal notification to all.
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Thursday, July 23, 2015

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How to Reduce Extra weight by Drinking Water

How to Reduce Extra weight by  Drinking Water


Hello, guys,  I am Abdullah Jay and today I want to tell you the simple way how to reduce extra weight by drinking water. As we all know that nowadays health is very important and we always looking for to fit and active ourselves. Many people wanted to lose their extra weight and make them fit, but many times they could not successful. Here are the top ways to reduce our extra weight.

1.            Drinking Water all the Day

Drinking  water throughout the day is very useful and unique method to reduce our weight. If you drink water all the day then we can feel  full without taking any high calories things, food, snacks that are helping us to gain weight. You may also eat less when you take snacks because it feels that we have already taken good food and feel full of no cause. If we consume fewer calories throughout the day then this is very helpful for us to reduce our extra weight.

·         IF you don’t  want to drink simple water and you fell irritating then u can also buy some colored flavor which should be calories free.

·        If you felt that I would forget to drink water throughout the day then its solution is very simple you can set alarm on your mobile phone in this way you never forget to drink water and this will make your habit in no times.
   Keep water nearby when your are left your house for some work, take a bottle of water and drink water in large quantity.

2.            Drink water before every meal

Drinking water before  every meal this is the very good habit because in this way your stomach works normally. Drinking water before every meal this helps to eat food in less quantity and we would consume fewer calories for improved weight loss results.
  1.   If you are drink water before a meal to lose your body weight loss, you should remember that to monitor quantities and calorie intake of your food as well. You don’t want to drink water, but you should have to drink for your own sake and healthy life.
  2. Drink the full glass of water before a meal and after a meal to aid digestion and speed weight loss from the water. The water helps the body to break down the food and absorbs the maximum amount of nutrients.

3.            Drink water every Two Hours

When we drink water in regular intervals our digestion system works normally and we didn’t face any problem of constipation when we consume water throughout the day your body weights up. According to the Riverside Health System. a rule of thumb of how much water you need is based on the color of your urine. IF you  have a dark yellow colored urine this will indicate that you needed more water and nutrients. For a healthy, light colored urine is important to drink a glass of after you get awake  in the morning and after regular intervals of two hours throughout the day.

4.            Drink Water and take salt in low quantity        to lose water weight

By reducing the amount of salt from your food, which can help to reduce any extra weight in no times. particularly when combined with an increase water intake.

·         When you are buying some food you should look the amount of sodium used in it because sometimes do not look any salty but they have salt in the shape of the sodium.

·         Try other flavors and spices instead of using salt. Fresh herbs or garlic have very good positive things on health can also be added in the food as a flavor.

·         preservative and frozen food have contained a large amount of salt, you should buy fresh food.
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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

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How To Get A Lot Of Traffics From Email's Method

How To Get  A Lot Of Traffics From Email's Method

How To Get  A Lot Of Traffics From Email's Method
Email Marketing
Friends today we'll learn  about How to get a Lot of Traffics from Emails or Emails Marketing? friends this is unique and premium method someone knows about this trick so i am going to give it to you in of cost so friends I just need you focus which is very helpful for me so friends now I am going to starts the tutorials with steps just follow the steps before steps I am going to tell you about Emails. What are Emails ? and How we can get traffics from Emails.

What Are Emails?

Emails are just like our message  texts by using this we can send a lot of data and personal information to others in seconds. So friends I just wanna to tell you that emails marketing has become a great network from where people can earn to and also through these emails people share their griefs and happiness.So friends now I am going to my main topic is How to get a lot of traffics from emails?  

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How To Get Traffics:-

To get a lot of traffics from emails by using following steps :
  • First of all make Google, yahoo or another account 
  • Then go to your site and write a post on a premium thing 
  • Then put a premium file on that post 
  • The file must be in win rar 
  • Then password that file 
  • Then share your post on social media sites
  • Share your post with a status 
  • The status will be this type 
  • If you wanna that password then send your emails in comments and then i will send you in one hour or tow hour so its depends on you.

  • Then put password in Notepad 
  • And then also put your site name and your site description also.
  • Then send it to all your emails and then check your traffic.
  • Your site will gain speed in a couple pf days . 
So Friends these are the following steps through using these steps you can increase your traffic and also improve your site health :)

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Last words:-

Friends stay with us and get amazing and premium knowledge its my pleasure to give you premium knowledge and co operate with me. always give feedback in the shape of comments under the posts and also share must than you :)
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Sunday, June 14, 2015

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How to Connect Android with Computer?

How to Connect Any Android with Computer

you want to transfer some photos from your android phone to your computer to upload  it online, or maybe you need to update the music library  on the Android with the latest track you have on your computer Desktop. The snag you encounter here is that you are not able to recall where you kept your USB data cable last time after using it. Transferring Via Bluetooth will take ages, and thus you end up frustrated, consequently postponing the process. Do you find yourself in the aforementioned situation often enough? If your answer is  yes, we have the just right thing to bring a smile in your face.

AirDriod is a nifty Android App that lets you control and manage the android device from a web browser "over the air", meaning without connecting USB data cable.
Note: you should download AirDroid on your phone and PC.

To get started, download and install AirDroid app from the market. Once you run the application you will be an IP address and  a self-generated password. Both of will help you connect to you Android using your computer.

how to connect android with computer

Note: Please make sure both your phone and your computer are connected to same WiFi network.

now open the web browser and  Visit Here and u will see the QR code sign in and it is automatically connected to your Phone.

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how to connect android with computer

Now open your browser on the desktop and enter the IP address along with the port number you see the AirDroid main screen in the URL field, and press enter. Your browser will communicate with AirDroid application running on your mobile and open the password authentication screen.

how to connect android with computer

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Enter the password AirDroid generated for you and voila you get a wonderful dashboard from where you can view and control almost any gamut of an android smartphone.

By default on the right-hand side you can see the details of the phone you have connected, on top of there,'s search app tool and on the left-hand side are the icons to control contact, messages, files etc on your Android,

how to connect android with computer

All the elements on the main screen can be dragged and dropped, and thus you can customize it as per you needs. the application gives you the power to manage files, wield messages and contacts 
view and  file transfer photos, listen and manage music, install and uninstall applications. You can even change your ringtone quickly and easily!!

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All the modules are very impressive, and at the same time, they are very easy to work on. The file manager, for example, resembles the Windows explorer quite a bit. The application manager makes installing, uninstalling and exporting of the applications a cakewalk.Downloading and playing media files was never so easy.


how to connect android with computer


how to connect android with computer

  You can control your SMS and contacts, and that's not all, If  you  are feeling lazy to write SMS using your android keyboards, you can compose and sent  a text using Android running of your Browser.


how to connect android with computer

Impressive huh? So go on, install it today and free!

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The application impressed me to the core and, to be frank, there's nothing I didn't like about the application, I am sure you too love it. If you are using latest version of AirDroid then some things could be changed but it should quite similar.
Don't forget to share with us what you think about the app and remember, we are always available for your help if you face any difficulty during using it. you just contact us on giving the link below and in comments.
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Friday, June 12, 2015

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How to install WhatsApp on PC, Easy Step by Step Tutorial

How to install WhatsApp on PC, Easy Step by Step Tutorial

WhatsApp is one of the most popular platform messaging app which allows you to send and receive SMS without any charges. WhatsApp has one of largest active user base over 300 million  and around 20 million alone Pakistan.
WhatsApp can be use used on any smartphone Including android, iOS, Blackberry, Window phone, and Asha platform, but if you want to use it on PC.

How to use whatsApp on PC? Installing  WhatsAPP on PC is very simple. Just follow below step to download and install WhatsApp on PC or Laptop

Requirement to use WhatsApp on PC or Laptop:
  •  A laptop or PC with Window OS 
  • Working Internet Connection 

How to install WhatsApp on PC:                                        
Below I have listed two methods to Install WhatsApp on PC, follow the easiest on of you.
  • Download and install whatsApp on PC using BlueStacks.
  • Download and install whatsApp on PC using Was App.
Method 1: To Download and Install WhatsApp on PC using BlueStacks:

Step 1:
Download BlueStacks (Window Application)

                                           click here for downloadStep 2: After finishing the Download click on Downloaded file, Click to continue, click to install.

Step 3: Now download whatsApp APK file 
                                            download from here
Step 4: After finishing the download Double click on downloaded  file.
Step 5: Now whatsApp will install on your  PC.
Step 6: Now open BlueStacks (Click on blueStack icon on your desktop)
Step 7: Now in BlueStacks >>> click on My Apps.
Step 8: Now u will see WhatsApp >>> Click on it.
Step 9: Accept term and conditions.

Step 10: Type your mobile number in the field.

Note: "First type your country code like 92 for pakistan and then your mobile number"

Step 11: Now WhatsApp Will try to verify your number, but if it will show the fail message.
Step 12: Now click on Call Me >>> You will receive automatic /computerized call with a confirmation number, write down that number.
Step 13: Now type the received number in verification field and you done!
Enjoy WhatsApp on PC!

How to add contacts to Whats App?

In Phone, WhatsApp automatically checks your phone contacts but in PC you have to add manually.Follow below steps add the contact in whatsApp Using Blue Stacks.

Step 1: Open Whats App in Blue Stacks 
Step 2 Click on the menu icon at the top right corner.
Step 3: Now click on contact icon
Step 4: Again click on add contact 
Step 5: Fill the given with field with contact number and save 
Step  6 Click on done 

To add more contacts repeat same method

 Method 2: How to Download and install whatsApp on PC and use it on Phone simultaneously:

  • The blue Stacks and wassup are the greatest methods for installing whats App On PC.  However, one disadvantages that u can't use Whats App on phone and PC simultaneously. Either you have used  it on PC and Phone.
  • Now if you want to use your whatsApp account on both PC and Phone simultaneously then here is how you  can do it with the help of air Droid.Follow these to know how to do the same.

Step 1: Download and install Air droid on your android from google play store.
Step 2 create an Air Droid account 
Step 3: Next, tap on enable  button id Air Droid ask to enable real-time notification on your PC.
Step  4: Next, enable Android notification mirror and phone.
Step 5: Next download and install air droid on your Mac/ Windows PC.
Step 6: On your PC Open Air droid and sign in using the Air droid account that you on Mobilephone.
Step 7: That's it. Now whenever, you receive WhatsApp message on your android phone, the message will also appear on your PC. You can directly reply and read the message on your PC.

Method 3: To Download Whats App on PC using Wass app Follow steps

Wass app is unofficial  Whats App Client and its work for like the android Emulator on windows OS running PC. In the second method, we will be using Whats App to install Whats App on PC.
Follow Steps to download and install Whats App on PC using Wass App

Step 1: Download and install Wass App 
Step 2: After installing, open Was app and login using your Whats App username and password. If you don't have already created an account then register.
Step 3 Click on register button
Step 4: Now provide your phone number and password 

Note: for an android phone, the password will be same as IMEI number. You can find IMEI number at the back of your android device under battery or by typing this code: *#06#
Step 5: Now choose the mode of verification either by SMS or phone call and press request code 
Step 6: Now if you  have selected SMS then u will receive SMS from Wass App with a code and if you have selected the phone call then you will receive a computerized call with unique code, note it down.
Step 7: Put the code you received by SMS or Phone Call in Wass app client and now you will get a computer-generated password and you can use a  password for login.

That's it! Now you can use Whats app on PC and send and receive SMS and messages for the added contacts. If you  face any problem the let us know in the comments and don't forget to share with your friends!



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Thursday, June 11, 2015

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Killer Tips To Release Stress And Depression

Killer Tips To Release Stress And Depression

Killer Tips To Release Stress And Depression
Killer Tips To Release Stress And Depression

Over 20 million people are affected by the black dog of depression. Depression is  one of the leading cause disability, missed work,broken relationship and more.

What is depression?                                            

  • Feeling sad, or what may we  call 'depressed', happen to all of us.The sensation usually passes after a while.however, people with a depressive disorder-clinical depression find that their state interferes with daily life.
  •  Feeling sad, or what may we  call 'depressed', happen to all of us.The sensation usually passes after a while.however, people with a depressive disorder-clinical depression find that their state interferes with daily life.                                                                                           
  • Feeling sad, or what may we  call 'depressed', happen to all of us.The sensation usually passes after a while.however, people with a depressive disorder-clinical depression find that their state interferes with daily life.                                            
  • Feeling sad, or what may we  call 'depressed', happen to all of us.The sensation usually passes after a while.however, people with a depressive disorder-clinical depression find that their state interferes with daily life.                                            
  • Feeling sad, or what may we  call 'depressed', happen to all of us.The sensation usually passes after a while.however, people with a depressive disorder-clinical depression find that their state interferes with daily life.                                             
  • Feeling sad, or what may we  call 'depressed', happen to all of us.The sensation usually passes after a while.however, people with a depressive disorder-clinical depression find that their state interferes with daily life.
  • For people with clinical depression, their normal functioning is undermined to such an extent that both they and those who care about them are affected by it.

How common is clinical depression?                                              Nobody is sure exactly how many affected by depression. Health authorities from country to country and even within same nation publish differt figures:en
  • The National institute of mental Health estimates that 6.7% of American adults have had a depressive illness during the last 12 months, and 30.4% of  these cases have severe symptoms.
  • While the national institute of  Mental health says women are 70%more likely to  develop  symptoms during their lifetime,an article published in JAMA showed that depression affects 30.4% of men and 33.3% of women not a statically significant difference.

  • The National institute for clinical excellence estimates that in the united kingdom 21 in every 1,000 16  to 65  years old live with major depression. If mixed depression and anxiety a less specific and broader category is included prevalence  rises to 98 to 1,000. 
  • In Australia only 1 in every  five people with clinical depression is accurately diagnosed  according to the state of government of Victoria. Because depression can make itself as a physical illness like chronic pain and sleeplessness.

                                               Types of depression

 There are several forms of depression ,Major depressive disorder, dysthymic disorder are most common.

Major depressive disorder:-                                                                                             

  •  Major depressive disorder are also known as major  depression. The patient suffer from a combination of symptoms that undermine their ability to sleep,study,work etc activities they used to find pleasurable.
  •                       Experts say that major depressive disorder  can be very disabling, preventing the patient from functioning normally.Some people experience only one episode while other have recurrences.

Dysthymic disorder (dysthymia):-

        Dysthymic disorder i also known as dysthymia,or mild chronic depression.The patient will suffer symptoms for a long time, perhaps as long as couple of years and often longer. The symptoms are not as severe as in major depression . They do not disable the patient.However, people affected by dysthymia may find it hard to function normally and feel well.Some people experiences only one episode during their lifetime ,while other may have recurrance.

         Here are the practical ways how to reduce stress anxiety for modern men and women.

Get outside:-

     This is a natural process how to release stress and deipression naturally.  Our caveman friends saw lots of daylights; getting up at sunrise and going to sleep at sunset. Exposure to bright sunlight for 30 minutes a day either from sunlight or a light made for this,helps our physical and mental health.Don't wear sunglasses though;the exposure must come through your eyes !

Aerobic exercise:-                             

                                      This is also very unique method to release stress and depression.

Primitive fork had to forage or work in the field for their food.30 minutes at least 3 times  a week means though 'runner's high' endorphins get released regularly.It's also a good way to work through release stress.You don't  have a marathon, get your heart rate up to your target range-around 120 to 160 beats per minute depending on your agee and condition.

Express yourself:-

  With depression a person creativity sense of fun may seem blocked. Exercise your imaginations(painting,drawing,doodling) and you get not only those creative juice flowing , you also some positive emotions.take time to play with your friend or pet,or do something fun for yourself.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids:-

          This is a medical way to reduce  stress and depression.1,000 mm daily, Omega-3's acid in the brain's neuron connectivity. Enteric coated capsules help prevent burping the fishy tasty oil but you can also freeze them. Throw in a good multiple vitamin and avoid overly processed food in favor of complex   carbohydrates (whole grains)fish,free range meats,& vegetables and you are good to go .

Watch your thinking:-

         Anti-ruminations strategy is vital to breaking our depression and other emotional ruts.Become aware of those times you dwell on the negatives of your life-both real and imagined- and stop them.

Last Words:-
                     Friends stay with us and if you feel any problem then you can ask by giving comments under the post and the best way is  to share this useful information to others.Because this is one of the major problems now a days too many peoples are involving in this problem. So, share must it will be a great kind act.
Thank You.

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

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Fully Genuine Ad-Sense Accounts For All Countries 2015 Method

Fully Genuine Ad-Sense Accounts For All Countries 2015 Method 
Fully Genuine Ad-Sense Accounts For All Countries 2015 Method 
Friends Its me Ethlatic Sam a simple guy with tough mind and my Motto is ''Knowledge Is Free'' because i am sharing my knowledge. Friends i am just thinking about the ad-sense problems and today i got a point which will provide you amazing help and i hope it will make you totally satisfy so the topic is How To Make Fully Genuine Adsense Accounts For All Countries by 2015 method which is created By Ethlatic Sam so Guys I need your Attention here so if you focus then i hope it will provide you totally guide to approved fully Genuine Adsense Accounts . 
Guys i also found error about which you apply for adsense then they send you email and in that email they say that your adsense account is already approved with ............ and then they say that go to that adsense account and go to setting then make you manager so today i will also try to clear your that problem about adsense.

What Is Adsense Account :-

Fully Genuine Ad-Sense Accounts For All Countries 2015 Method
Adsense-Account 2015

Friends this is Adsence Account and you can see in this image and friends we can earn a lot through adsense account friends this is international network and i wanna every one enjoy this network so i try my best to provide you a lot of info about Adsense. Friends there are many kinds of adsense accounts :-

Types Of Adsense Accounts :-

Friends There are many kinds of adsense accounts as you:-
  1. YouTube Adsense Account.
  2. Non hosted Adsense Account.
  3. Fully Genuine Adsense Account.
  4. Fully Genuine Adsense Account with email.
Friends these are some of them and the best adsense account is no#4 adsense account which never banned . so now i wanna to tell you about How to Approve It.

Window 8 Shortcut Keyboard Keys 2015

How To Approve Adsense Account ?

Friends First of all you have one domain of any type then write  at least 20 post with good content and don't worry its too easy just one thing which is important do not copy the content anywhere so the other thing is that use amazing template for site or blogger so by using these you can impress Google and one thing also insert amazing sharing icons and also add widgets of amazing types and try to make site more beautiful as you can so know i am going to tell you How To Approve Adsense Account ? in Steps .

Steps :-

  • Go to 
  • Then Click Get Started.
  • Then it will ask you
  • Log-in with Your Gmail account.
  • Then they will ask you about language.
  • Then select language.
  • Then They will Ask Your site put you site there on the blank.
  • Then They will provide you form then fill that form.
  • Then at the end they will ask You number for verification .
  • Then give your Mobile number.
  • Then They will send you code on you mob or telephone.
  • Then submit and your application will submit .
  • Then wait 5 hour.
  • Then open adsense account .
  • Then continue.
  • Then create add and then put ad code on you site.
  • then wait till it show.
  • when it will show then your adsense account will approved totally.
One thing your Gmail account must be united state OK thank you.

Last Words:-

Friends this is the method how to approved fully genuine adsense account if you feel any problem then you can contact me and if you need urgent adsense account you can order me i will give you in 50$ it will be genuine so be happy its my id '''' send me email here thank you :)

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

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Window 8 Shortcut Keyboard Keys 2015

Window 8 Shortcut Keyboard Keys 2015

Window 8 Shortcut Keyboard Keys 2015
Window 8 Shortcut Keyboard Keys 2015

Friends its me Ethlatic Sam you know i know that you know me if you don't know then now me know i am simple guy with tough mind and my motto is knowledge is free because i am sharing my knowledge today i am going to give you all list of shortcut keyboard keys of window 8 and i know that you need it badly because window 8 is a little bit hard for unknowns so i thought that i have to provide you shortcuts keywords so this will make you expert and also make your experience good:) so stay with me for getting more information:)

Some Important Shortcut Keys Of win 8 :-

Windows keys:- open the Start Screen.

Win + Z :- open Bar Application.
Win + W :- Search in setting of the system.
Win + X :- Open Window Mobility Center.
Win + V :-  Switch About notification.
Win + Shift +V:- Switch among notification(in reverse method).
Win + U :- Open Ease of access center.
Win + T :- Open Focus to task-bar and toggle to program.
Win + S :-  Open One Note Screen Shot creator( If Microsoft Office-One Note is not installed)
Win + R :- Open Run Dialog Box.
Win + Q:- Open Window App Search.
Win + P :-  Display Projection Option.
Win+ O :- Disable Screen Rotation/ Orientation.
Win + N :- Create a New One Note ( if its Not Installed).
Win + M:- Minimize all windows.
Win + Shift + M :- Restore minimize windows.
Win + L :- Lock your computer.
Win + K :- Open devise connection.
Win + J :- toggled foreground between filled and snapped applications.
Win + I :- open setting panel.
Win + H :- open share panel.
Win + G :- Toggle through window desktop.
Win + F:- Search for the file in computer.
Win + Ctrl + F :- Search for computer in network.
Win + E :- Show window explorer file's tree view.
Win + D :- Toggle ''show Desktop''.
Win + C:- Search charms bar .
Win + B :- Set focus to notification area.
Win + Enter :- open window narrator.
Win + Alt + Enter:-  open media center( if it installed )
Win + Space-bar :- Change the keyboard layout.
Win + Page-up:- move start screen to the left side screen.
Win + Page Down :- move start screen to the right side screen.
Win + Plus :- magnifier zoom in.
Win + minus :- magnifier zoom out.
Win + Esc :- Close magnifier.
Win + left Arrow :- Dock the current window to left half screen.
Win + Right Arrow :- Dock the current window to right half screen.
Win + Up Arrow :- minimize the currently active window.
Win + Down Arrow :- minimize / restore.
Win + Shift + Up Arrow :- maximize the currently window.
Win + Shift + Down Arrow :- Maximize / restore 
Win + Shift + Left Arrow :- Move currently window to the left side.
Win + Shift + Right Arrow:- Move currently window to the right side.
Win + home :- Toggle (minimize/maximize) all non active windows.
Win + number :- Launch the program for the task-bar sequence. 
Win + break :- Display system properties dialog box.
Win + F1 :- open window support and help.
Win + Forward slash (/) :- initiative IME(Input Method Editor) re-conversion.
Win + Tab:- Toggle through all window.
Win + Ctrl + Tab :- Toggle through all windows and snap them if they cycle :-
Win + Shift + Tab :- Toggle application in reverse method.
Win + dot (.) :- Move the gutter to the right.
Win + Shift + Dot(.) :- Move the gutter to the left.
Win + Comma(,) :- Lock the temporary at the desktop .

How To redirect 404 error Page to Homepage In Blogger

Starting with shortcut Alt Keys :-

Alt + W :-              creating a new documents/select a templete.
Alt + V :-               Paste.
Alt + C :-               Copy. 
Alt + T :-               Cut.
Alt + X :-              also for Cut .
Alt + S + N :-       Deselect .
Alt + A :-               Open Special Features.
Alt + H :-              find history of files .
Alt + N :-              Create a New folder.
Alt + S + R :-       open Properties .
Alt + E :-             Edit Select Files.

 Friends these are the short cut key by using these you can run your window 8 easily and i hope you like it and comment fast if it really impress you so stay with me for getting more updates :) thank you :)        
Ethlatic Sam 

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

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3 Ways To Lose Your Weight 100 Percent 2015

3 Ways To Lose Your Weight 100 Percent 2015

3 Ways To Lose Your Weight 100 Percent
3 Ways To Lose Your Weight 100 Percent 
Friends its me Sam a simple guy with tough mind and my motto is Knowledge Is Free because i am sharing my knowledge. friends i am searching the worlds problem and human problems are also include in my research so i got some important problems in human being and height weight of peoples is also include in this research i just thought that i have to inform all peoples that why we become fatty and  how this problem form? so i thought that i have to share my points with you about these problems maybe it will provide you great effect and also help you in losing your weight so friends stay with me and just focus the words which i am going to say you about lose weight.

How this Problem Form In Human Beings ?

3 Ways To Lose Your Weight 100 Percent 2015
3 Ways To Lose Your Weight 100 Percent 2015
friends we all know that when we eat more than our requirement then we didn't take exercise and this problem form in our and there are many reasons of high weight I'll'll just mentions their names not too much details i hope it will help you a lot now i am going to tell you about after marriage this problem form in many peoples so the main reason is when people got married they didn't exercise and they just eat,drink and then sleep some people do hard jobs and some people do light jobs, those peoples who do hard jobs they are looking smarts and those who work light jobs they look fatty and many peoples do chair like jobs and their work is on chairs and their are many other reasons so i am going to mention them :)
  1. They Do not exercise regularly.
  2. They eat more than their requirements.
  3. They Do not work hard.
  4. They Sleep more than common requirement.
  5. They Do not walk regularly..

friends these are some of these problems which i seen in people who got high weight . now i am going to my main topic and going to tell you about three ways.

Eating special Food :-

3 Ways To Lose Your Weight 100 Percent 2015
3 Ways To Lose Your Weight 100 Percent 2015
Friends this is the first way to lose weight 100 percent listen we all eat heavy foods in common days and don't think what we are eating and then we involved in such types of problems like fatty and friends we have to change our  routine of eating we have to eat light foods like salad and other fresh light foods those foods are pine apple  and cabbage , cucumber,carrot beet-rote , Brussels sprout, brine etc. we have to use these foods in our eating . now i am going to next topic :)

Regular Exercise :-  

3 Ways To Lose Your Weight 100 Percent 2015
3 Ways To Lose Your Weight 100 Percent 2015

Friends we do not exercise in daily base after eat we just eat and sleep and this will make a bad effect on our health so we have to eat and then walk or running up-to 30 to 60 minutes this will make a great impression on our health and we can become smart and active and our science told us after eating man should have exercise up-to 45 minutes regular ad this will make a great impression on human being health. now i am going to next topic :)

Fresh Drinking :-

3 Ways To Lose Your Weight 100 Percent 2015

Friends this topic is related to water which water we use in daily routine and and this will make a bad impression on our health when we use common water because water is consists of many other things and everywhere consists of different types of water and in m point of view the nestle and Afia our other special water we have to use in daily bases which makes a great effect on our health :) thank you :)
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