Thursday, July 23, 2015

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How to Reduce Extra weight by Drinking Water

How to Reduce Extra weight by  Drinking Water


Hello, guys,  I am Abdullah Jay and today I want to tell you the simple way how to reduce extra weight by drinking water. As we all know that nowadays health is very important and we always looking for to fit and active ourselves. Many people wanted to lose their extra weight and make them fit, but many times they could not successful. Here are the top ways to reduce our extra weight.

1.            Drinking Water all the Day

Drinking  water throughout the day is very useful and unique method to reduce our weight. If you drink water all the day then we can feel  full without taking any high calories things, food, snacks that are helping us to gain weight. You may also eat less when you take snacks because it feels that we have already taken good food and feel full of no cause. If we consume fewer calories throughout the day then this is very helpful for us to reduce our extra weight.

·         IF you don’t  want to drink simple water and you fell irritating then u can also buy some colored flavor which should be calories free.

·        If you felt that I would forget to drink water throughout the day then its solution is very simple you can set alarm on your mobile phone in this way you never forget to drink water and this will make your habit in no times.
   Keep water nearby when your are left your house for some work, take a bottle of water and drink water in large quantity.

2.            Drink water before every meal

Drinking water before  every meal this is the very good habit because in this way your stomach works normally. Drinking water before every meal this helps to eat food in less quantity and we would consume fewer calories for improved weight loss results.
  1.   If you are drink water before a meal to lose your body weight loss, you should remember that to monitor quantities and calorie intake of your food as well. You don’t want to drink water, but you should have to drink for your own sake and healthy life.
  2. Drink the full glass of water before a meal and after a meal to aid digestion and speed weight loss from the water. The water helps the body to break down the food and absorbs the maximum amount of nutrients.

3.            Drink water every Two Hours

When we drink water in regular intervals our digestion system works normally and we didn’t face any problem of constipation when we consume water throughout the day your body weights up. According to the Riverside Health System. a rule of thumb of how much water you need is based on the color of your urine. IF you  have a dark yellow colored urine this will indicate that you needed more water and nutrients. For a healthy, light colored urine is important to drink a glass of after you get awake  in the morning and after regular intervals of two hours throughout the day.

4.            Drink Water and take salt in low quantity        to lose water weight

By reducing the amount of salt from your food, which can help to reduce any extra weight in no times. particularly when combined with an increase water intake.

·         When you are buying some food you should look the amount of sodium used in it because sometimes do not look any salty but they have salt in the shape of the sodium.

·         Try other flavors and spices instead of using salt. Fresh herbs or garlic have very good positive things on health can also be added in the food as a flavor.

·         preservative and frozen food have contained a large amount of salt, you should buy fresh food.