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How to install WhatsApp on PC, Easy Step by Step Tutorial

How to install WhatsApp on PC, Easy Step by Step Tutorial

WhatsApp is one of the most popular platform messaging app which allows you to send and receive SMS without any charges. WhatsApp has one of largest active user base over 300 million  and around 20 million alone Pakistan.
WhatsApp can be use used on any smartphone Including android, iOS, Blackberry, Window phone, and Asha platform, but if you want to use it on PC.

How to use whatsApp on PC? Installing  WhatsAPP on PC is very simple. Just follow below step to download and install WhatsApp on PC or Laptop

Requirement to use WhatsApp on PC or Laptop:
  •  A laptop or PC with Window OS 
  • Working Internet Connection 

How to install WhatsApp on PC:                                        
Below I have listed two methods to Install WhatsApp on PC, follow the easiest on of you.
  • Download and install whatsApp on PC using BlueStacks.
  • Download and install whatsApp on PC using Was App.
Method 1: To Download and Install WhatsApp on PC using BlueStacks:

Step 1:
Download BlueStacks (Window Application)

                                           click here for downloadStep 2: After finishing the Download click on Downloaded file, Click to continue, click to install.

Step 3: Now download whatsApp APK file 
                                            download from here
Step 4: After finishing the download Double click on downloaded  file.
Step 5: Now whatsApp will install on your  PC.
Step 6: Now open BlueStacks (Click on blueStack icon on your desktop)
Step 7: Now in BlueStacks >>> click on My Apps.
Step 8: Now u will see WhatsApp >>> Click on it.
Step 9: Accept term and conditions.

Step 10: Type your mobile number in the field.

Note: "First type your country code like 92 for pakistan and then your mobile number"

Step 11: Now WhatsApp Will try to verify your number, but if it will show the fail message.
Step 12: Now click on Call Me >>> You will receive automatic /computerized call with a confirmation number, write down that number.
Step 13: Now type the received number in verification field and you done!
Enjoy WhatsApp on PC!

How to add contacts to Whats App?

In Phone, WhatsApp automatically checks your phone contacts but in PC you have to add manually.Follow below steps add the contact in whatsApp Using Blue Stacks.

Step 1: Open Whats App in Blue Stacks 
Step 2 Click on the menu icon at the top right corner.
Step 3: Now click on contact icon
Step 4: Again click on add contact 
Step 5: Fill the given with field with contact number and save 
Step  6 Click on done 

To add more contacts repeat same method

 Method 2: How to Download and install whatsApp on PC and use it on Phone simultaneously:

  • The blue Stacks and wassup are the greatest methods for installing whats App On PC.  However, one disadvantages that u can't use Whats App on phone and PC simultaneously. Either you have used  it on PC and Phone.
  • Now if you want to use your whatsApp account on both PC and Phone simultaneously then here is how you  can do it with the help of air Droid.Follow these to know how to do the same.

Step 1: Download and install Air droid on your android from google play store.
Step 2 create an Air Droid account 
Step 3: Next, tap on enable  button id Air Droid ask to enable real-time notification on your PC.
Step  4: Next, enable Android notification mirror and phone.
Step 5: Next download and install air droid on your Mac/ Windows PC.
Step 6: On your PC Open Air droid and sign in using the Air droid account that you on Mobilephone.
Step 7: That's it. Now whenever, you receive WhatsApp message on your android phone, the message will also appear on your PC. You can directly reply and read the message on your PC.

Method 3: To Download Whats App on PC using Wass app Follow steps

Wass app is unofficial  Whats App Client and its work for like the android Emulator on windows OS running PC. In the second method, we will be using Whats App to install Whats App on PC.
Follow Steps to download and install Whats App on PC using Wass App

Step 1: Download and install Wass App 
Step 2: After installing, open Was app and login using your Whats App username and password. If you don't have already created an account then register.
Step 3 Click on register button
Step 4: Now provide your phone number and password 

Note: for an android phone, the password will be same as IMEI number. You can find IMEI number at the back of your android device under battery or by typing this code: *#06#
Step 5: Now choose the mode of verification either by SMS or phone call and press request code 
Step 6: Now if you  have selected SMS then u will receive SMS from Wass App with a code and if you have selected the phone call then you will receive a computerized call with unique code, note it down.
Step 7: Put the code you received by SMS or Phone Call in Wass app client and now you will get a computer-generated password and you can use a  password for login.

That's it! Now you can use Whats app on PC and send and receive SMS and messages for the added contacts. If you  face any problem the let us know in the comments and don't forget to share with your friends!